Such Great Find: Ceraminic

I love the idea of using small plates to decorate your room or to use as a jewelry holder. These detailed plates are beautiful from Ceraminic.

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1. Rustic Red Lace Plate | 2. Blue Lace Plate | 3. White Lace Plate


Such Great Find: BaliElf

Fall shoes are the best, well at least in my opinion! Check out these amazing shoes at BaliElf.

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1. Stockholm Oxford Leather Booties | 2. Lace Leather Oxford Shoes | 3. Muse Ivory Ballet Flats



Such Great Find: Mint Lilly

I ran into Mint Lilly at the IndyVintage Marketplace several months ago and fell in love with the jewelry. Here are some of my favorite necklaces on the Etsy shop.

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1. Brass + Jade Necklace | 2. Statement Quartz Necklace | 3. Art Deco Brass Necklace


Such Great Find: Nirwa

It’s always fun to have a pop of color to your room for summer. These pillows from Nirwa will add a bit of sunshine to your room!

Such Great Find: Nirwa

1. Brushstroke Pillow | 2. Sugar Pink Abstract Pastel Pillow | 3. White Floral Pillow

Such Great Find: MofEhome

I’m a sucker for an inspiration quote. These large prints from MofEhome have some awesome quotes and beautiful lettering.

Such Great Find: MofEhome

1. When You Love What You Have | 2. She Believed She Could | 3. Keep the Wild

Such Great Find: Sloane Jewelry Design

Last month my husband, Patrick, was part of a weekend artshow in Danville and met Sloane. He came home with goodies for me from her and I adore them. Check out Sloane Jewelry Design for more beautiful resin pieces.

Such Great Find: Sloane Jewelry Design

1. Pink Resin Ring | 2. Resin Earrings | 3. Resin Cube Trio Necklace

Such Great Find: NasuKka

I’m loving these colors and shapes of the necklaces from NasuKka.

Such Great Find: NasuKka

1. Statement Rope Necklace | 2. Mustard Yellow Rope Necklace | 3. Green Geometric Necklace


Such Great Find: Nuann

The touches of gold in these pieces are perfection. Check out Nuann to see more of their beautiful work.

Such Great Find: Nuann

1. Emerald Green Heart Ring | 2. Geometric Knuckle Triangle | 3. Geometric Pastel Necklace


Such Great Find: Good Mood Moon

These clutches from Good Mood Moon are in the perfect shades for spring and summer! Add them to your wardrobe for the summer.

Such Great Find: Good Mood Moon1. Carry Me Clutch | 2. Clutch for IPad Mini, Ebooks, Purse | 3. Tote Bag

Such Great Find: FreeForme

Who doesn’t love a classy, fun watch? These watches from FreeForme are super cute and fun.

Such Great Find: FreeForme1. Floral Watch | 2. Wood Chevron Watch | 3. Floral Pink Watch