Such Great Fashion on Instagram!

Kim 2013 Senior Photo Shoot, Noblesville, IN | Photographer : Such Great Heights Photography, Maya Laurent | Model: Kim | North Central School | 2013

You all have the best fashion ideas! At almost every session, I seriously feel like I’m saying “Where did you get that outfit?” or “Really, you put that all together at Goodwill?”

It’s time to feature those amazing ideas you and your friends put together! Here’s how we’re going to do it: All you have to do is take a phone picture of your outfit or find a friend/classmate who is rocking a stylish outfit. Post it on Instagram and hashtag it with #suchgreatfashion and #sghsenior. Each week I’ll feature some of the best outfits and once a month we’ll pick a favorite look and the person wearing the outfit will get a prize! There’s other big things coming up for Such Great Heights and people participating in Such Great Fashion will get some chances to be part of those things too. (Also you can find me on Instagram at @mayalaurent).
So start taking photos and posting! Can’t wait to see your style!

Such Great Fashion: Harry Potter Premiere

I headed out last night to check out everyone all dressed up for the last installment of the Harry Potter series for our first Such Great Fashion post. Normally we’ll find people that are dressed uniquely or super fashionable but I couldn’t resist the creativity of this night! Here’s some of the best outfits of the night.